Bring-a-Friend Week!

Bring-a-Friend Week!
Celebrate Discovery’s Bring-A-Friend promotion during the week of October 23rd – October 28th. The students in the following classes will have the opportunity to bring one of their friends for free to participate in their Discovery class. If the visiting student registers for a class at Discovery, then the current student will receive $50 off their next class! See below for the list of participating classes and times:
Gym & Art Combo Class (25/36 mos.) – 9:30am
Soccer (2’s) – 10:15am
Gym for Tots (19/24 mos.) – 11:15am
Baby Gym (9/12 mos.) – 12:15pm
Boys Gym (7/9 yrs.) – 4:40pm

Gym for Tots (25/36 mos.) – 9:15am
Gym for Tots (12/18 mos.) 11:15am
Discovery Rockers (1/3 yrs.) – 11:15am
Ballet (3/4 yrs.) – 3:00pm
Boys Gym (8+ yrs.)- 5:40pm

Gym for Tots (12/18 mos.) – 9:15am
Gym for Tots (19/24 mos.) – 10:15am
Sidekicks (3/4 yrs.) – 3:00pm

My First Dance (19/24 mos.) – 9:15am
Books Spark Art (19/36 mos.) – 10:15am
Ballet (2 yrs.) – 10:15am

Ballet (2 yrs.) – 10:00am
Ballet (3/4 yrs.) – 10:45am
Ballet (4/5 yrs.) – 11:30am
Please be sure to either call, 212-749-8717, or email,, if you are interested in bringing a friend to class. We will need the visiting child’s name and their parent or guardian’s name, number and email address. Feel free to reach out with any questions!