Welcome to Winter/Spring 2019 Important Reminders

Dear Discovery Parents,
Welcome to the Winter/Spring 2019 Semester. Whether you are new to the program or a returning student, we welcome everyone for an exciting semester. We believe in personal connections at Discovery. I strive for the staff and teachers to get to know our students and families. Many of our students “grow up with us” and it’s truly amazing to see their progress year to year. Thank you for joining us and believing in what we do.

Please read these important notices and reminders!

Click the button below to download our Winter/Spring 2019 calendar, which includes all closings and the last days of each class.

Winter/Spring Holiday Closings:
Tuesday, February 18th
Wednesday, March 20th
Friday, April 19th through Saturday, April 27th
Saturday, May 4th
Thursday, May 16th
Saturday, May 25th through Tuesday, May 28th

Final Class Dates:
Monday Classes – June 3rd
Tuesday Classes – June 4th
Wednesday Classes – June 5th
Thursday Classes – June 6th
Friday Classes – June 7th
Saturday Classes – June 15th
Make-Up Policy
Make-ups are based upon availabily. Each child is permitted two make-ups throughout the semester for classes missed due to illness, family conflicts, etc. Make-ups can be completed in any class that is not at maximum enrollment within the child’s age group. These classes must be scheduled via phone or email.

Please note: No make-ups are allowed during the first two weeks of class or the last two weeks of class. Make-ups will not carry over to the next semester.
Consent and Release
All parents must sign a consent and release form for their child if they are a new student at Discovery.

These must be submitted ASAP.   

Consent & Release Form
Security Tags
All parents and caregivers must be in possession of a Discovery Programs security tag in order to enter the building and be permitted to go downstairs. If you do not already have one, please pick up one for each person who will be doing pick-up/drop-off at our front desk on the first day of class. 
Viewing Days
This semester, our first Parent Viewing Day will be held in all classes during the week of February 25th-March 2nd.  Please keep in mind that the gym is short on space so we ask parents to take turns in the gym for 20-25 minutes. 
The second and final Parent Viewing Day will take place on either one of the last two sessions for each class, and a schedule for these end-of-term dates will be sent to you in May. 
There is no parent viewing for Team and Early Childhood.
You will only be permitted to watch on the designated viewing day of your student’s class. 
We still have spots in a number of classes – feel free to call with any inquiries about openings and registration! We look forward to a great semester! 
Warm wishes,
Katie Kheel

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