2017-2018 Early Childhood at Discovery Programs!

Dear Parents,

Discovery Programs is now enrolling for our Fall Early Childhood Programs. We offer three programs for children ages 19 months through 4 years. We strive to provide a nurturing, supportive, well rounded, and playful environment where children become school ready in preparation for formal preschool. Don’t miss out on a spot for school year 2017-18. See below for more details about each program.


Almost on My Own (19/24 months)
Discovery has a special program for children ages 19 through 24 months with their parents or caregivers called Almost on My Own (AOMO). AOMO is about community, big steps, and big adventures!

AOMO follows a similar structure to many beginning preschool programs, as there is a balance of structured activities and independent exploration. These activities are designed to help facilitate your child’s developmental progress and school readiness. In AOMO, the teachers will work with the children on following directions, sitting down to snack and art, participating at circle time, and other nursery school routines. AOMO is two 90 minutes sessions per week consisting of play, gym, art, music and dance. 

Monday & Wednesday
9:15 – 10:45 am

On My Own (2/3 year olds)

On My Own (OMO) is a warm and nurturing introduction to preschool for children ages two through three. The teachers support the children as they develop greater independence, curiosity and love for learning and friendships. Routines help the children build a comfortable confidence with the daily schedule, allowing parents to separate gradually over a few weeks. Through the creative arts and dramatic play, our curriculum provides experiences in music, art, pre-math and literacy. In addition, weekly gym time and movement help expand their gross motor development. As the year unfolds, parents say their children look forward to “school” every week and ask “Is it a school day?”

Monday and Wednesday
Tuesday and Thursday

**Friday can be added as an optional third day. Class runs 9:00-11:00am.

Practically Preschool (3/4 year olds)
Practically Preschool is the perfect alternative program for parents looking for a gentle introduction to preschool or for those that are looking to add more school days to their child’s 3 day a week preschool schedule. The program, which includes classroom learning, creative expression and full body gymnastic experience, builds the child’s community and develops their problem solving and socialization skills. 

Meaningfully integrated into this 2-3 day morning program are the underpinnings of formal preschool learning. Children “read” the job chart and contribute at meeting time. Clean-up and snack times are important aspects of each preschooler’s day, as are small field trips.

We foster mathematical thinking through block building, puzzles and patterning activities. Large and small art activities, such as painting, clay, collage and paper construction, spark new interest in color and texture. Water, sand play and cooking are springboards for scientific exploration and allow children to question, experiment and hypothesize.

Language and literacy grow naturally from rich preschool experience. Children can pretend together, respond to stories, listen for rhymes and match letters to sounds. Children’s language growth occurs through meaningful interaction and fun. 

Tuesday & Thursday

Discovery’s Early Childhood Programs are a great way to build your child’s love for school and develop new friendships and community collaboration. Parents that have questions or are interested in a tour can contact me at 212-749-8717 or katie.discovery@gmail.com


Katie Kheel