Discovery Programs – About us

Discovery’s Mission

Children don’t just come to Discovery Programs for one class, they grow up with us! We are dedicated to providing creative, nurturing and meaningful experiences and activities to children that they will remember. We strive for connection and community. Our teachers and staff get to know our students and inspire them to find their joy and passion. We aim to teach greater life lessons and engage the whole child and family.

Discovery is committed to inclusion across race, age, gender, identity, sexual orientation, religion, neuro-diversity, and experience. Anti-racism education starts with the very young and we recognize that we must take action in our classrooms and community to promote anti-racism.

Our Beliefs

  • It is still possible in a big city to find and cherish personal connections.
  • All children develop best in an intimate setting where they are known by their names and treated as the special people they are.
  • Learning comes naturally when children are provided with a stimulating, enriching space that fosters their free expression.
  • It is essential to bring together our community and support families in their quest for well-being.

Our Goals

  • To address each child’s unique interests and needs.
  • To provide a truly nurturing environment where each child is respected and encouraged.
  • To foster positive relationships for children and their extended family and caregivers.
  • To give each child a broader identity of their own outside the home.