Marcus Honeck

Marcus Honeck

Gymnastics Coach/Dance Instructor

Coach Marcus is a dancer, actor, and musician from Phoenix, Arizona. Marcus is trained in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern, and many other styles of dance. Gymnastics has been a part of his life since the beginning of his dance training at the age of 12. After spending multiple years working on bars and floor, he started coaching gymnastics and parkour for all ages and skill levels under USA Gymnastics and NinjaZone.

Marcus coaches with an emphasis on spatial awareness and strength building. Marcus believes that with proper awareness and control, gymnastics is not only more fun and possible for everyone, but safer as well. As a dancer, Marcus loves to explore the artistic side of gymnastics and places a large focus on community.

Outside of the gym, Marcus loves playing piano and writing short ridiculous songs; He loves learning and is always looking for a new course or subject to expand his knowledge and skills.

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