Faculty & Staff

Teachers at Discovery are hired for their talent and for their ability to translate this into step by step, engaging instruction. Not only do children gain new skills, confidence and understanding, they love every minute of it. Discovery’s lobby is crowded with eager children who want to know “Can we go in yet?” Teachers are experienced, caring, enthusiastic and creative. They arrive full of new curriculum plans, project ideas and goals for individual children. Many early childhood teachers bring their expertise as dancers, gymnasts and martial arts professionals to their work with children.

At Discovery, professional development is ongoing. Director Katie Kheel meets regularly with teachers leading discussions on curriculum design, child development, and classroom observation. Teachers attend conferences and meet with visiting experts in their field. Most important, however, is the interface among this team of working artists who build program together, enriching each child’s experience with opportunities for creative and physical expression. To get to know our staff, sign up for a class – or classes – or just sample a single class.

You’ll be glad you did.