Baby Gym & Music – baby and me class

Baby Gym & Music - baby and me class

“Baby Gym is a great, great program! The instructors go out of their way to make each minute a positive experience. They really make it special.”

Baby and me class

Join early childhood gymnastics teachers as your baby crawls and toddles, rolls and stretches in made-to-order exercises for babies. Listen to them giggle as they crawl after a ball or bounce with you on the trampoline. Research has shown that music has a beneficial effect on the child’s brain and helps to lay the foundation of later learning, music ability and language development. Babies enjoy experiencing music and movement together. We teach songs with actions and encourage your baby to dance along to the music. Movement helps babies learn balance, coordination, body awareness and rhythm.

* Each child must be accompanied by an adult.

6 months - walking
M 12:15 – 1:00


$320 / 8 session - 2/3-3/31
$320 / 8 session - 4/7-6/9
Dates: Mondays

6 months - walking
Th 12:15 – 1:00

6 Week term $228 (June 16 - July 25, 2014)

4 Week term $152 (July 28 - August 22, 2014)

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