Practically Preschool (3/4 year olds)

We have received interest in our Practically Preschool for School Year 2017-18. Please contact Katie at 212.749.8717 or if you are interested in a tour or more information.


Practically Preschool (3/4 year olds)
Practically Preschool is the perfect alternative program for parents looking for a gentle introduction to preschool or for those that are looking to add more school days to their child’s 3 day a week preschool schedule. The program, which includes classroom learning, creative expression and full body gymnastic experience, builds the child’s community and develops their problem solving and socialization skills. 

Meaningfully integrated into this 2-3 day morning program are the underpinnings of formal preschool learning. Children “read” the job chart and contribute at meeting time. Clean-up and snack times are important aspects of each preschooler’s day, as are small field trips.

We foster mathematical thinking through block building, puzzles and patterning activities. Large and small art activities, such as painting, clay, collage and paper construction, spark new interest in color and texture. Water, sand play and cooking are springboards for scientific exploration and allow children to question, experiment and hypothesize.

Language and literacy grow naturally from rich preschool experience. Children can pretend together, respond to stories, listen for rhymes and match letters to sounds. Children’s language growth occurs through meaningful interaction and fun. 

Tuesday and Thursdays beginning September 12th
9:00am – 11:25am