The Spark! – July 2017

A Note From The Director
Dear Parents,
Happy Summer! Camp is in full swing here and as you can see from the photos below, our campers are getting fully immersed in the arts and nature, as well as gymnastics, music, dance, and water play! In this issue of The Spark, we highlight our music teacher, Nick Moran, who just released a new album on top of teaching our Discovery Rockers class each week. This hip, energetic, fun class is always a highlight for our staff members who get to overhear it every Wednesday morning. I listened to Nick’s new album over the weekend as I did some things around the house and it’s definitely an uplifter. Many of our teachers on staff are quite talented and I try to share that as much as I can with our parents. We have musicians, dancers, actors, and athletes. They don’t just teach arts or sports, but they also practice, perform, and epitomize their passions in their own lives and I think that makes Discovery a truly special place. My hope for the upcoming issues of The Spark is to highlight each and every one of our talented teaching staff. Enjoy Nick’s music!
Warm Wishes,

Katie Kheel
An Interview with

Nick Moran

Last Thursday afternoon I had the pleasure of sitting down with singer/songwriter and Discovery Programs teacher Nick Moran to talk about his new album, sources of inspiration, and his philosophy on music education.
The only musical member of his family, Nick grew up on Long Island listening to the classic oldies that his parents played around the house, but had no intention of becoming a professional musician. It was a series of piano-playing friends over the years who stirred him to take up first piano, then voice and guitar. 
Nick is largely influenced in his craft by the golden “old soul” musical styles of the 60s and 70s. When shaping his sound and orchestration, he returns again and again to the likes of Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin. Lyrically, he descends from rock/folk heavy-hitters like Paul Simon, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, and, of course, the Beatles. His new album, “Easier Time” (released May 2017 on iTunes and Spotify), is a beautiful synthesis of all of these masterful muses.
After spending the last five years teaching music all over the city, Nick has learned a great deal about the way to instill music appreciation in children. In his classes, Nick focuses less on technical training and more on simply getting kids excited about music. He says that the important thing is to “share your joy for music before you start diving into muscle memory, technique, and scales.”  
The key, according to Nick, to developing a child’s sense of musical awareness and wonder is leading by example with one’s own enthusiasm. “What you fuel at home is obviously going to influence what your child will do later on,” he says. Each of Nick’s Rocker classes at Discovery is centered on a particular group or artist, and he leads interactive activities that allow his students to explore and celebrate their unique contributions to the world of music. Recent featured legends have been the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, and the Beach Boys.
Some of the most meaningful teaching moments for Nick are spent watching as a child beholds their parent or caregiver’s elation regarding a particular song. “So much of what you learn at that age is through observation. They’re going to absorb the excitement that parents are showing.” 
-Tori Champion-
Register your youngster for Discovery Rockers today, online or over the phone! Spots are still available for both the Summer and Fall sessions. 
See Nick perform live as an artist-in-residence at Rockwood Music Hall on the Lower East Side, August 13th, 20th, and 27th.
Check out Nick’s website by following the link below, and make sure to listen to his new album, “Easier Time,” any way that you can!
Nick’s Website
“Easier Time” on iTunes
Nick’s Spotify Profile
Summertime Craft Idea!
DIY Marbled Paper from Shaving Cream
Last week, our full day gymnastics campers worked on this engaging project and produced some beautiful works of art! Check out some photos from the morning and find the link to instructions below.
From the blog, MeaningfulMama:
Camp Photo Highlights
Dolphins go to the pet shop!


July in NYC

Let’s Dance Exhibition at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (On now!)
Broadway in Bryant Park (Thursday evenings through August 10)
Compagnie XY’s Il N’est Pas Encore Minuit (July 19 to July 22)
Pete the Cat, presented by Theatreworks USA (free!, West Village, Wednesday, July 19 to Friday, August 18)
Come Out & Play Family Day on Governors Island (Saturday, July 22)
The Jim Henson Exhibition, The Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria (Opens Saturday, July 22)
Thunderbird American Indian Mid-Summer Powwow at the Queens County Museum (July 28 to July 30)
Lincoln Center Out of Doors Family Weekend (July 29 & 30)
More info from Mommy Poppins can be found here:


Discovery Announcements!

Fall 2017 Classes
– Registration is now open for Fall 1017 classes, so sign up now to secure your child’s spot!
Early Childhood Programming 
– Call soon to register for openings in On My Own and Almost On My Own classes this Fall!
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