Heroes Pre-Parkour (5 to 6 years old)

Thursdays 3:45pm – Ages 5-6

The highly requested parkour class for your 5 and 6 year old has arrived. This is the class where children will start to learn the fundamentals of parkour. They will be introduced to the concept of movement efficiency as they run, jump, climb, swing, hang, twist, turn, crawl and balance, and that’s just the warm up. With creative games and challenges, they will learn to work together using creative logic. This is the start of their physical education times ten. They will have the time of their life and always be challenged and exposed to their own potential of inner greatness.

Parkour Warriors for Parents and Kids!

Fridays 2:00 pm – Parent and Child class Ages 4-6

Join us for Parkour Warriors and have a blast with your child while also getting a killer workout! The coach will lead a structured class built around obstacle courses and strength-building exercises. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity for bonding with your child over shared mental and physical challenges!

Heroes Pre-Parkour
This class is not being offered at this time
Heroes Pre-Parkour
Ages 5-6
This class is not being offered at this time



Ages 5-6 Heroes
F 1:00 – 1:50