Discovery Status Update

Dear Parents,
We are thinking of you and hope you are all well, healthy and safe. It’s been a couple of weeks since I last sent an email and I wanted to make sure to remind you of and clarify our current status. As you know, all non-essential businesses are closed until April 29th and most likely longer. We are not in the physical office at all and thus are not charging any balances, nor are we able to do any refunds or credits virtually. When we re-open, we will refund/credit all classes at that time that were missed, even if it is the rest of the semester, which may be very likely. 

The Zoom ballet offerings are all complimentary and do not replace in-person classes. Anyone in the program is welcome to take advantage of that.
You do not have to be in ballet class to do the session and you can pop in and out weekly as you like. If you are participating in the Zoom sessions, you are still entitled to a credit or refund. If we are able to add other types of options or classes over the next few weeks, we will. We’ve decided that Gymnastics, Parkour, and some of the toddler programming is difficult to replicate on Zoom.

Social Media and YouTube!
Be sure to like/follow our Instagram and Facebook pages for announcements and community engagement, linked at the bottom of this email. We have also started a YouTube channel, linked here.

Complimentary Zoom Ballet Schedule

Parents, if you are comfortable, take a picture or video of your child doing the Zoom ballet and send it to or direct message on Instagram. We will upload it to our Instagram story or feed.

Monday 3:30pm ages 4/5 with Katie 

Tuesday 3:30pm ages 5/6 with Katie
Wednesday 3:15pm ages 3/4 with Katie
Wednesday 4:00pm ages 6/8 with Katie 
Friday 11:00am age 2 with Katie

It’s been wonderful to see some of the children on Zoom and receive emails from parents checking in and giving their words of support. We truly miss our time at Discovery with your children and we look forward to when we can all be together again! Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. I hope you continue to stay well.

Katie Kheel
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