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Dear Parents,


In this unprecedented and challenging time, we at Discovery are thinking of all of you, your children, and your caregivers. First, we hope you are safe, healthy and adjusting to this “new normal.” Of course, there will be ups and downs, new learning curves and challenges to face, but it has been amazing to see the Upper West Side community mobilize together through Facebook groups, volunteer groups and virtual sing-a-longs, read-a-louds, and classes.Over the course of this week, we have also been thinking about how we can engage virtually with some of you on a temporary basis within our limited resources. It is important for us to stay engaged with our community as it gives us some purpose and something to hold onto. In whatever ways we are able to engage with you, we know that this does not replace in-person classes. When we re-open, we will handle details of refunds, extensions, or credits as necessary at that time.

Please find below how we are starting to engage with our community. We are experimenting over the next two weeks until Discovery’s Spring Break starts on April 7th. While this does not cover our wide variety of classes, it’s just a step into what is possible and we will re-evaluate as we progress this week and weeks ahead.

Social Media and YouTube!
Be sure to like/follow our Instagram and Facebook pages for announcements and community engagement linked at the bottom of this email. We have also started a YouTube channel, linked here.

On My Own
We will continue to be in touch through email and will be inviting our classes for a Zoom sing-a-long and meeting.

Zoom Ballet
We will begin 35-40 minute Zoom classes this week. We will see how these go during the first week and determine if it is sustainable and how the turn-out is. See the schedule below and please join in if your child is a ballet student in that age group, even if your usual class time isn’t listed. Parents if you are comfortable, take a picture or video of your child doing the Zoom ballet and send it to or direct message on Instagram. We will upload it to our Instagram story or feed.

Schedule starting today, March 23rd
Monday 3:30pm ages 4/5 with Katie  

Wednesday 3:15pm ages 3/4 with Katie

Wednesday 4:00pm ages 6/8 with Katie  

Friday 10:00am age 2 with Katie (For 2s we may do Instagram live instead of Zoom, but we will try Zoom this week)

Gymnastics and Parkour
Keep an eye out on our YouTube channel for skill videos. We also may send these videos out through social media on Instagram/Facebook or email. We invite your children to master the skill throughout the week.  Parents, if you are comfortable, take a picture or video of your child doing the skill and send it to or direct message on Instagram. We will upload it to our Instagram story or feed.

Laurie Berkner is on Facebook most mornings at 10am doing a Live Berkner Break. 

Nick Moran, who is the founder of our class that Melody teaches, Hipster Baby Music, is adding videos to his YouTube channel almost daily. 

His website is here:

We will be in touch periodically and feel free to email us. Sending you peace and health.

Katie Kheel
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