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An Upper West Side treasure offering children’s gymnastics, dance, preschool, sports, karate, music, art, early childhood classes, for NYC kids for over forty years. Discovery is dedicated to providing creative, nurturing and meaningful experiences that allow children to grow as active learners while engaging the entire family. Sign up today and experience for yourself our great teachers and inspirational programs that generations of families have loved and remember. call us 212.749.8717 visit us: 251 West 100th Street at West End Avenue New York, NY 10025

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Afya Afro Jazz

New class. Begins with a free sample class on Tuesday, October 9th from 12:30-1:30pm

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bring on the boys!

Gym for Boys - kids gym class at Discovery Programs
Discovery is not just for girls! Gymnastics, sports and gym, and junior sports.

what parents say

“Discovery is like a breath of fresh air in the city! You just attract nice, down to earth people.”

“We’ve visited a lot programs, but your program has the most loving teachers! Everywhere else they tell us how much the kids will know when they leave, but you talk about learning to trust yourself, feeling secure, and having fun! That’s what we want.“

“She had a terrible separation experience and I was so nervous. But she did great here. You guys know what you’re doing!”

“The Discovery Almost on My Own pre-school program has been so much more than a ‘school’ for our daughter. We’ve felt welcomed into a family.”

“Baby Gym is a great, great program!! The instructors go out of their way to make each minute a positive experience. They really make it special.”

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meet our faculty and staff

Faculty and Staff


the spark

  • Spotlight on Jaclyn Dima: Musician, Educator, Song Writer

    As a classically trained musician from Indiana university, I started my career in NYC after college playing late night gigs around town in restaurants and bars. It was not until 2011..

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  • From Gymnast to Coach

    Coach Cristian Quesada: Father, Athlete, Teacher. I’m a New York native. I was born, raised, and competed gymnastics in the Bronx. I was captain of the John F. Kennedy high school gymnastics team..

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