The Spark – August 2016

A Note From The Director
Katie Kheel, Director

The Summer Olympics are here! I always loved watching the Olympics as a child. Being a dancer, my favorite sports were gymnastics and figure skating, but over time I began to watch other sports as well.  Now, I’m very excited to be able to share this special time with my daughter, Sabrina, who is now seven. I have been letting her watch a bit of swimming, gymnastics and beach volleyball. There are so many sports to choose from though and it’s hard to fit them all in without becoming attached to the television. 
As mentioned in the article “7 Reasons To Watch the Rio Olympic With Your Kids,” I’ve noticed that watching the Olympics has given me an opportunity to “go global” with her.  As she kept cheering for “New York,” instead of America or USA, I realized just how small her world is sometimes.  It’s also given me an opportunity to talk about perseverance, hard work and dedication. These are also themes I explore while teaching my ballet classes as I don’t like to hear students say “I can’t do it” or “It’s too hard.” While being an Olympian is not on everyone’s path, the values of sportsmanship, practice and teamwork are important to be used not just in sports but in life too. Here is a link to the article to learn more: 
Have fun watching the Olympics!
Sensei Scoop
Osu, From Karate
Karin Hillman, Sensei
As a dancer, marathoner and a karate champion, I have learned how important it is to practice and train with a commitment to always strive to do the best I can. I believe that in order to succeed in life, it is essential to practice any skill to the fullest and never to give up!
One of my goals as a teacher is to develop strong bodies, which contributes to health, general sense of self-confidence, and well-being. In addition to developing students with the highest level of physical skills, I aim to develop individuals of the highest level of character who never give up and who contribute to a better life for their families and societies.
The fundamental principle of Seido Karate is: Love, Respect and Obedience.  These are the three circles on our Seido emblem, which we wear on our patches. Love grows out of respect to ourselves and to others, which leads to compassion for others. When we talk about obedience, we mean obeying one’s parents, following instruction, and making smart choices.
When we compete, or when we get ready for the next belt level, we learn how to put our hard training on the line. The real competition is with ourselves. The only requirement is to give our best effort at all times.  This carries into our daily lives; we learn how to preform to the best of our ability in school and we get the confidence to do well while testing, interviewing for a job, or performing on a stage. 
Gym Goodies 
Mary Cain, Team Coach
Competitive sports like gymnastics offer children the opportunity to experience life lessons such as success and failure. At Discovery, we teach that winning isn’t everything but doing your best is. Our team girls compete throughout the school year in and around Manhattan. They encourage one another to train hard and perform great. We teach first and foremost about what it means to be on a team and to be there for our friends in success and failure. We also teach goal-setting and accountability in practice. Competitive gymnastics gives children the opportunity to set goals and problem solve to obtain those goals. Our coaches love seeing the children make small and big improvements, and even though they might not place first, they are bettering their gymnastics each and every practice and competition.
Creative Corner 
As we welcome the Rio Olympics, we are able to celebrate Brazil’s beauty through arts and crafts! This website guides us through the construction of colorful birds, sparkling hats, and blooming trees! Let’s all celebrate together and check out these wonderful summer projects that will be sure to bring lots of creativity and fun! 

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