The Spark! – January 2018

A Note From The Director
Dear Parents,
Our Parkour program is only three years old, but it’s grown into its own special niche here at Discovery. We began with only one class in 2014, and now we offer eight classes including a morning class for homeschoolers and a Monday night class for adults. This month in The Spark we’re highlighting Bryce Clarke, who joined us two years ago and teaches a majority of our Parkour classes. What I love about Parkour is that it’s fun and feels like play. It’s accessible to all ages and to children with special needs. It helps with core strength, balance, coordination, and self-confidence. Parkour has similar components to movement, dance, martial arts, and gymnastics. My daughter, Sabrina, is hooked on it and feels invigorated every Thursday during and after class. I am really proud of how far our Parkour program has come in such a short time. Be on the lookout this Spring for a parent and child Parkour Workshop. On Monday, February 5th, we will be offering a free Adult sample class at 7:10pm with Bryce. Come join us and find out how the adults can have as much fun as the kids.
Warm Wishes,

Katie Kheel
An Interview with
Bryce Clarke
Bryce Clarke was born and raised in New York City. He started doing parkour when he was 19 years old. Bryce has completed four professional competitions so far (most notably the North American Parkour Championships), usually competing in speed events which challenge participants to make it from start to finish in a complex obstacle course in the shortest amount of time. He’s been coaching for five years, teaching both gymnastics and parkour in NYC.
TC: What is your background with parkour? 
BC: I started in 2009, as I was coming off of graduating high school and had been doing track and field for two years. I was already very athletic and in very good shape. I ran into some people that became friends and were also the ones who introduced me to parkour. From that day I started training I fell in love with it.  
TC: What inspired you to start teaching? 
BC:  The first job I ever had was recommended to me by a friend. After I taught my first class it was something I knew I wanted to do. I like helping people learn how to use their bodies and achieve goals. 
TC: This semester we introduced an Adult Parkour class at Discovery. What do you do in the program, and how does it differ from the class for youngsters?
BC: The adult class differs from the young children’s class in that we work specifically on movements that the children do not start with. The adults are given a more fitness-oriented warm up that better prepares the body for the movement patterns they will be experiencing in the class. This class covers more of the foundations of parkour and prepares people to do it outdoors.
TC: What makes Parkour accessible to everyone?
BC: It is very accessible because there are not many barriers to entry – all you need are comfortable clothes and good shoes and you can do it. In addition there is no right or wrong way, once you understand the foundation and the basics of parkour you can do it however you choose. Also being in NYC provides a great urban environment for parkour training to be applied effectively. 
TC: What do you love most about this sport?
BC: I love the feeling of achievement one gets from conquering something they may have not thought they could do before hand. That is the coolest thing about Parkour to me. 
North American Parkour Championships
Discovery Gymnastics Team’s First Competition of 2018!
Congratulations to our gymnastics team on completing their first meet of the season, the New Year Celebration Competition! Copper 1 and Copper 2 teams both won 2nd Place, and a number of Copper and Bronze gymnasts won individual awards. 
Introducing: Discovery’s New Music Class!
Fiddle Foxes music class is designed to inspire your child’s greatest creative instincts while instilling structure and fundamentals of music! Join Miss Jaclyn each week as we learn new lessons with music, movement, laughter and play. All of your favorite songs plus acclaimed Fiddle Fox original tunes, complete with props, instruments, and, of course, bubble time!
Fiddle Foxes
Wednesday mornings
Ages 1-3
Jaclyn’s Bio
NYT’s How to Raise a Reader
Discovery Announcements!
Parent Viewing Days
The second and final Parent Viewing Days for the semester will be held in all Ballet, Parkour, and Karate classes on the last day of class
– Gymnastics classes will be holding viewing days on a specific schedule that varies by class. If you don’t know when your child’s viewing day is, please call or email us at the front desk!  
Adult Parkour: Free Trial!
-We will have a free sample of our Adult Parkour class on Monday, February 5th from 7:10-8:10pm.
Winter/Spring Semester
-The new semester starts the week of January 29th! Don’t forget to re-register your child if you have not already done so!

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