The Spark! November 2020

A Note from The Director
Dear Parents,
Happy Thanksgiving!  I can’t believe it’s the end of November and I am just sending this newsletter. I am sure we all feel a little distracted at times with everything that has been going on these last months with the pandemic and election. When I am at the school, I am focused on all the entrances, exits and Covid-19 Protocols. I love that I see all the students coming in everyday. It’s a special part of the day for me. It was so wonderful to also see the students dress up for Costume and Wacky Week. Check out some of the photos below.  We hope to do another theme week in December.  
Please make sure to take note of the NY State Travel Requirements linked at right under Announcements. Discovery will be following these requirements. Also, if your child must quarantine due to possible exposure at school, they cannot attend their class at Discovery. 
As the weather gets colder, students may pack layers to wear in ballet or gymnastics. The space can fluctuate between warm and cool. We will be using the heat fan which blows in external air and helps with ventilation. This can cause the space to feel warmer. When the temperature is in the 50s, we will have the windows open, so the air inside will be cooler. 
We sent short videos of sections of classes a few weeks ago from our main Discovery email. I hope you saw them!
This month, we are highlighting our dance and karate teachers. See below. Share this with your child and ask them which teacher is theirs! We will feature our administration next month!
Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  
Warm Wishes
Katie Kheel

Meet Our Dance and Karate Teachers!

Last month we featured our gymnastics coaches, this month we feature our other teachers. 
We asked them the following questions: 
1. Did you always know you would become a teacher?
2. What is a positive mantra or motivator you use?
3. What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish that you make or like to eat?
4Do you have a favorite traditional ballet?

Ms. Katrina

1. I did not always know I would be a teacher.  I always taught growing up at my studio. But, once I moved to NYC and in time found my voice when working with children, I knew teaching would always be a part of my life. 
2. “ I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou
3. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is my cousin’s apple pie! 
4. Cinderella is one of my favorite ballets.
Ms. Sarah
1. Yes, I have always seen myself teaching.
2. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes for they are an opportunity to grow.

3. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is stuffing! I make it every year!

4. I love so many favorite ballets, but The Nutcracker will always have a special place in my heart.

Sensei Karin

1. I was a dance teacher at first, I started to practice Karate much later, and found out that it is never too late to learn new things. It will be 24 years of my own practice in January. 
2. Do the best you can ! Finish what you start and never give up! 
3. Baked sweet potatoes, with cinnamon and maple syrup

Photo Op: Costume and Wacky Week!

For more photos check out our Instagram and Facebook pages linked at the top right of this newsletter. 
Fall Semester 2020 Calendar
Health Questionnaire
Discovery Announcements!
Sunday Gymnastics Classes on 12/6 and 12/13
11:00am Age 5/6
12:00pm Age 7/10
Contact the Front Desk at to sign up!
Fall 2020-Winter 2021 Holiday Closures: 
-Tuesday, December 22nd-January 2nd
-Monday, January 18th
Holiday Travel: See NY State info here. If you travel to a noncontiguous state, US territory or CDC level 2 or level 3 country, you must provide Discovery a copy of both negative test results before your return to class or you may choose to quarantine for 14 days and not attend class during that time.  The first test which can be rapid or PCR, should be 72 hours prior to returning to NY and the second test must be a PCR test 4 days after arrival after 3 days of quarantine. Please reach out with any questions. 

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