The Spark! – November 2018

A Note From The Director
Dear Parents,
It’s almost the holidays and the end of year 2018. As the day to day operation at Discovery starts to get busy with Nutcracker choreography, performance preparation, priority registration,  parent viewing scheduling, and more, it’s hard to keep sight of the bigger picture! I find myself getting caught up in the small mistakes I make, the never ending to do list, and the small stresses of the day. I speak all the time about what’s important in our program, but sometimes I even need a reminder. As I caught myself upset about some ticketing mistakes I had made for the Nutcracker, a parent thanked me and expressed her appreciation about something else. I was talking with her about her daughter trying out parkour to see if she liked it more than gymnastics because she was feeling iffy about gymnastics. I had my daughter, Sabrina, walk her daughter into class to help smooth the transition.  I was feeling so stressed about the tickets, and this “bigger picture” moment was what snapped me out of it.  I had connected with this other mom and tried to find her daughter a class that she felt great in and that was what mattered. I remembered these are the moments to hold on to and to reflect upon at the end of the day. As parents and professionals, let’s not forget the bigger picture. In this month of gratitude, I thank all my staff, our Discovery families and students.  Give thanks and pass it on. 

Warm Wishes,

Katie Kheel
Spotlight on
Jaclyn Dima
Musician, Educator, Song Writer
As a classically trained musician from Indiana university, I started my career in NYC after college playing late night gigs around town in restaurants and bars. It was not until 2011 that I landed my first gig playing in a band to educate and entertain young children. I was instantly hooked and my life was forever changed.

There is a saying that once you find your path in life, doors will begin to open for you. I am forever grateful that I found my calling in creating music for young children. Not only did I start playing the most fun gigs of my life, but I loved what I was doing so much. I began seeking further education in early childhood music courses and workshops to hone in on my new found love. My goal was to create the best music classes and write the best songs I possibly could to ensure ALL of my students receive the best education and have the most fun possible. There is no better feeling than walking into a classroom of young kids and seeing their faces light up because they know it’s time to sing and dance with Miss Jaclyn 

In the past few years, my students have inspired me so much that, with my writing partner, Tracy Thorne, and my husband, we have created a fantastic album for children that will be released in 2019. I am so grateful for all of the incredible musicians who have worked on this album with us, and for all of my students who continue to inspire the creation of these songs every step of the way.

Though I am thankful every day, there is no better time to share my gratitude for the kids and for the music they inspire me to write for class. I am thankful to be teaching and even more thankful for what the kids continue to teach me in return.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Photo Op: Halloween 2018!
Discovery Announcements!
Winter/Spring Priority Registration 
-Priority Registration is open for current students until December 3rd at 5pm.  If your child is currently enrolled in a class, Discovery will hold your child’s spot in that class until December 3rd. If you would like to keep your child’s same spot and time, you must register by December 3rd. 
Holiday Closings
– Discovery will be closed on the following dates this fall:
November 22nd, 23rd, 24th
December 24th-31st
January 1st-5th, 21st
Nutcracker Save-the-Date 
-Our annual Nutcracker Ballet Recital will be taking place on Sunday, December 16th.  Tickets are now on sale! Please make sure to pick up your tickets and purchase additional if needed by December 14th. 

Student Spotlight

This month, we’re shining a light on three of our students: Maileya (Pre-Team Gymnastics, Age 9),  Evie (Ballet and Gymnastics, Age 5) and Josephine (On My Own, Age 2). With the month of gratitude here, we asked them what they are thankful for!
Maileya- I am thankful for my family, friends, and my teachers. 
Evie- I am thankful for my parents, my sisters, friends and water to swim. 
Josephine “Jojo”- I am thankful for my mommy, my daddy and baby Rita, my dolly” 

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