The Spark! – June 2019

A Note From The Director
Dear Parents,
Our classes are now over and we have said goodbye to our students for the summer break. I hope you enjoyed coming to see your children in class over the last couple of weeks. Many of the parent viewing days were sweet, some were extra special and others were exploding with cheers and applause.  If you were at the Parkour Heroes class, you know what I mean. 

As I have done in the past, I like to look back on the school year and review all we have accomplished. I’ve shared this list below. I’m proud of the staff and I thank them for their hard work guiding and inspiring our students. This month, we are also highlighting three sisters all in the Parkour program with Coach Joe. The diversity of programming we can offer across different ages is just one of the special things about our program and it’s great when siblings can talk about their classes all together!

If we won’t see you here this summer, I hope to see you in the fall. Enjoy your summer! 

Warm Wishes,
Katie Kheel
2018-2019 Recap!
We had such a great year! Here are some of the highlights:
We celebrated Sensei Karin’s accomplishment of promoting another student, Eli, to Junior Black Belt. 
Katie set a record in her ballet class for age 6/7 year olds with 20 students.

We welcomed our new office manager, Samantha Gelbert! 

We welcomed new staff Laura, Chasity, and Eliza in the gym, Claire in Dance, and Chris in Parkour.

Under Coaches Mary, Cristian and Denise, our Team grew to 40 gymnasts and competed 11 Bronze gymnasts, which is our largest Bronze group yet. We won team and individual awards at multiple competitions and we will be sending five gymnasts to Worlds Competition this summer in Nashville! 

Over the last few years, we have expanded our offerings for older children to age 12 for ballet and age 14 for gymnastics. We have a number of students in the tween and teenager age group. We love watching our students grow up!

We began the Student Spotlight in our Spark newsletter. We are happy to highlight our students’ thoughts and accomplishments! 

We started offering Holiday Gymnastics Camps during public school closures, which brought something fun to students’ days off. 

We continue to offer a preschool preparation and gentle separation program for toddlers through Almost on My Own and On My Own. Our AOMO is full for Summer! 

Parkour is booming with Coach Joe. Friday sold out two sections with 16 students. SideKicks, our age 3/4 class, grew student by student from 2 to 6! 

Student Spotlight
This month we are highlighting three students, sisters Sophie (11), Athena (6), and Arete (3), all of whom take Parkour with Coach Joe.
What is your favorite part about parkour?
Sophie: I think it’s when we’re able to make our own courses, and Coach Joe makes them really hard, but it’s fun.
Athena: My favorite part is learning.
Why did you decide to start parkour?
Athena: Because I wanted to exercise more.
How has it been for you to start parkour this year?
Sophie: I started in the second level of parkour and it was pretty fun. At first it was really hard, but then it gradually got easier and I got better.
How does it feel to do a sport that both of your sisters also do?
Sophie: It’s fun because everybody understands what you’re talking about. 
Athena: It’s really fun because I like to watch them do it.
Arete: It feels a little bit scary, but I do it anyway.

Coach Joe: “I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for the opportunity to be a part these three girls’ lives. I am also humbled and thankful to the parents of Sophie, Athena, and Arete for trusting me to be a part of their daughters’ education and growing process. Working with three sisters at the same time at different ages and levels of development has not only brought me joy, but continues to teach me so much about myself personally as a teacher and how I present the material overall. I must also thank Discovery Programs because only in a caring and family-oriented program like this would the opportunity even be possible.” 

The Spring Recital,
Circus: Under the Big Top!
Check out the rest of the recital photos in our album on Facebook!
Discovery Summer Camps!
Discovery Announcements!
Summer Classes
Classes for the first summer session start the week of Monday, June 17th!
Summer Camp
Secure your spots ASAP for summer camp! We have day camp offerings for ages 2-13.
Fall Registration
Our Fall class schedule is up online. We are offering a 45% discount off of the second class for toddlers under age 4 for morning classes only before 12:00pm.
Many gymnastics, ballet and parkour classes sell out so book early.  

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