The Spark! – February 2019

A Note From The Director
Dear Parents,
Even though January felt so long with its 31 days, it flew by here at Discovery. We were busy registering for the Winter/Spring, hiring new staff, competing in our first Team meet of the year and welcoming parents in for all the parent viewing days. I always enjoy having parents come and watch their children in class. It’s wonderful to see the joy and pride in their faces. I also love to see the joy in the children as they wave at their parents, show their parents their favorite skill, and demonstrate all they have learned.  They are beaming with excitement. 
I would like to welcome our new Office Manager, Samantha Gelbert! Samantha graduated from Muhlenberg College in May of 2017 with a degree in psychology. She shares with us that she’s especially interested in child psychology and discovering the ways in which kids think and interact with the world. I am excited to have another member of our team back in action. Samantha is already strategizing how we can have more of a social media presence to share the work we are doing with the children. Stay tuned! Speaking of social media, are you following us on Instagram and Facebook? You can find the links on the top right of this newsletter!
I am looking forward to a great semester!

Warm Wishes,

Katie Kheel
We asked our coaches and teachers to share advice for their students for the new year. Share it with your children!
Cristian ~ Gymnastics
Life can become difficult and frustrating no matter how old you are. I believe the greatest tools you have to overcome obstacles are positive thoughts. Your thoughts are more powerful than you think. Before you tackle any task, you have to think about it first. If you believe you can’t do it, you won’t. If it’s too hard, then it is. If you don’t want to do it, then the task becomes daunting. You do not have control over schoolwork, exercises, or any other tasks that may come your way, but you can control your outlook. If you believe you can, you will. Positive thinking goes a long way. Just like when the Little Engine That Could said, “I think I can, I think I can,” and he did. 

Sarah ~ Dance
I think my advice would be that learning new things can be scary or frustrating, but if you give up you will never know what you can accomplish. So keep trying and enjoy the little mess-ups and lessons along the way.

Joe ~ Parkour
One of my teachers once said, “like what it don’t like.” What this means to me is that it’s important to embrace challenge. In other words, “I dare you not to like it if you’re good at it.”

Katrina ~ Dance
My advice for my students this year is to focus on what it means to be a leader in class. It’s very easy to follow what everyone is doing, even when that is not what your teacher has asked. My hope, especially for my older students, is for them to be okay with, at times, going against the grain of what everyone else is doing – being their own independent thinkers, and in return, independent movers – in both my class and all aspects of their developing lives. 

Karin ~ Karate 
Always do the best that you can do, otherwise it is meaningless and worthless. Osu! Meaning commit to what your goal is 100%. 

Gael ~ Gymnastics
There’s always time to learn something new.
Be a better person than you were yesterday. 

Photo Op: Nutcracker!
Photo Op: First Gymnastics Meets of the Season!
Discovery Summer Camps!
Discovery Announcements!
Winter/Spring Semester
– Classes began on Saturday, February 2nd. There are still spots available! Add a class and get a 2nd class discount!
Holiday Closings
-Discovery will be closed on the following dates this Winter/Spring:
February 18th
March 20th
April 19th-27th
May 4th, 16th, and 
Nutcracker DVDs
-DVDs are still on sale from the Nutcracker performance. Download an order form here.  
-If you’ve already ordered a DVD, they are now ready for pick up!
Spring Recital Save-the-Date
Our annual Spring Recital will take place on Sunday, May 19th.

Student Spotlight

This month, we’re shining a light on three of our Team gymnasts. We asked each of them what advice they would share with new gymnasts, whether recreational or team. 
Ava – Age 11
Stay calm. Slow things down in your mind and stay collected. Do your skills to the best of your ability.
Nicole – Age 11
Believe in yourself! Gymnastics is not just about being physically strong, it’s also about being mentally strong in your mind. When you don’t believe in yourself, it just discourages you and brings you down. 
Maya – Age 12
If you fall, get right back up. If you have a positive mind, you can have a positive outcome. 

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