The Spark! – January 2020

A Note From The Director
Dear Parents,
I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. We are wrapping up our Fall semester and will be starting our Winter/Spring semester on February 1st. Mid-school year is a time when students might move up to new levels or try new classes. While many gymnastics students stay in the same level throughout the whole school year, there are a few who have acquired the skills to move up to a new level and our coaches are always observing for that in the gym. We also have many students who enjoy trying different classes over the two terms or adding a new class to their schedule for the Winter/Spring. You may be surprised how your child’s interests can change in such a short time! They might be signed up for ballet and gymnastics, but suddenly discover that they love parkour after taking a sample class. Or, they may take gymnastics one semester and beg to take ballet the next semester. It’s nice to see some of our students taking two or even three classes with us. For toddlers, we are still offering 45% off their 2nd or 3rd class. With all of these transitions in the new year, we asked some of our teachers what advice they would give parents and students. We look forward to meeting new students in the Winter/Spring semester and welcoming back our returning students.
Warm Wishes,
Katie Kheel
How to Transition into New Programs: Advice from Teachers 
This month we asked some of our teachers to share ways in which we can help children transition into new programs in the new year. 
“Parents and caregivers using words of encouragement, such as ‘you can do it,’ ‘you’re going to have so much fun,’ and ‘I will be here when you get out of class,’ is a wonderful way to help children transition into new programs. Some children might be shy or nervous to meet new teachers, new students, and enter into a new class. It’s always so helpful when parents and caregivers let the teacher know about these feelings as they will take extra care and time to make that student feel welcome in class.”
-Katrina, Ballet and Early Childhood Teacher
“As students transition into a new semester whether it’s with the same instructor or a new level or class, families can support them by talking about the changes they can expect in the new semester. A major change a returning student could expect would be new classmates; not all students will return to the same exact class in the Winter/Spring semester. It’s best that the students knows their instructors’ names before the first day. It’s also important to talk to your child about what the new class is. If your student is changing into a new class or level feel free to contact Discovery so you can have the instructors’ names and class information.”
-Mary, Gymnastics Director and Coach
“I’ve always found excitement in change. Although the unknown can be scary at times, the whole idea of a new adventure has always sparked a new zest in life. Adults and children alike often experience worry when entering unknown grounds, but it’s important to remind each other that it is in this very place that true growth happens, bringing with it the potential for amazing new life experiences. Something exciting is happening.”
-Joe, Gymnastics and Parkour Coach
In February, our Almost On My Own toddlers will transition into On My Own, so they will start to come to school without their parents and caregivers!
Check out our Student Spotlight Section to the right for more highlights.

Photo Op:
First Team Meet of 2020!

Winter/Spring 2020 Calendar
Discovery Announcements!
Registration is open for Winter/Spring: 
Classes begin Saturday, February 1st. Some classes are full, but we are still taking registration for open classes. Call 212-749-8717 to register.
Closing Dates:
February 17th 
Save the Date- Ballet Spring Recital:
Sunday, May 17th at 11:00am and 2:00pm
Lost and Found: We have a number of water bottles, headbands, books and other items. If you think you may have lost something, come check it out. We will be clearing the Lost and Found by February 7th!

Student Spotlight

This month we’re highlighting students who share why they’re excited to transition into a new class level.
Millie is moving from the 4/5s ballet to the 5/6s. She says, “I am excited to work on the barre. I’m excited to be with Miss Katrina and my friends. And the recital, that’s fun too!”
Grayson is also moving to the 5/6s ballet class with Millie. She says, “I love ballet!  I’m really excited to do more barre work.”
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