The Spark! January 2024

A Note from the Director
Dear Parents,
This month, we reflect on our 15-18 week semester. It’s been wonderful to see our students achieving skills, learning new steps, and following class routines.
Some of our students are so close to getting the next skill to move up in gymnastics. Others have already acquired the skills to move up to the next level.
Our 11- and 12-year-old dance students who have been taking Pre-Pointe this semester are now ready to go on Pointe.
Our white belt and orange belt karate students are promoting to advanced white and advanced orange belt. They have worked hard and the promotion helps keep them motivated.
A few students from our Almost On My Own Class are moving up to On My Own next semester. This whole semester, the children have adjusted to the class routines such as circle time, free play, art time and snack. They are now ready to start separating. It’s always exciting to see them make this step.
We measure all this progress closely through skill sheets, teacher feedback and curated curriculums. We hope you are seeing the progress too!
Warm Wishes,
Katie Kheel

End-of-Semester Reflections

This month, we asked teachers to reflect on their students’ progress throughout the fall semester. This is a special time for us to evaluate how our students have grown and which skills they have developed since September. We look forward to seeing how our students continue to grow in the upcoming semester!
In my contemporary class, students have been doing such a wonderful job learning new phrase work and choreography. They have also been finding their own creative voices through improvisational activities.

In ballet, students have learned both arm and leg placement for first, second, and third positions and are exploring traveling combinations across the floor.

~Rachel, Contemporary & Ballet Teacher 

This has been an excellent semester! All six of my Intermediate students started the year with a great concept of a handstand shape. They are now walking forward and backwards in a handstand! They’ve also all acquired a front limber (a handstand, controlled fall into bridge) and a bridge kickover.

In my Advanced Beginner classes, students are starting to make the connection between side stations and the skills that the exercises will help them acquire. All of my Advanced Beginner students have successfully learned forward rolls to standing up without using their hands, while also learning all of the arm poses and positions by name (gymnast, ready, finish, lunge, etc.)! I am looking forward to another great semester ahead.

~Julia, Gymnastics Coach

Front Walkovers
Front Limber
In my Tuesday 4-year-old class, students have been progressing in development of uneven bar basics, including chin holds, forward roll dismounts and candlesticks.
In my Friday 3/4s class, students have progressed with their cartwheels and lots of funny and silly songs on the trampoline!

On the team, gymnasts have developed choreography for competitions; front handsprings, Yurchenko and Tsuk timers on vault; back hip circles, squat ons, kips, giants and flyaways on bars. On beam, they’re focusing on artistic expression and new skills such as cartwheels, walkovers, back handsprings and round offs. On floor, gymnasts are honing their artistic focus in floor routines and development of new skills, including front and back handsprings, front and back tucks and back layouts.

~Mary, Gymnastics Director and Coach

Photo Op: End of Semester Fun!

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