The Spark – February 2016

A Note From The Director

Dear Parents,s,

I am excited to announce the debut of our Monthly Newsletter. We recognize that our teachers have teaching skill and talent, but they also have many ideas to share. The newsletter will be an opportunity to get to know our teachers, hear about what’s going on in the classrooms, hear relevant news, get tips on art projects, gym skills, ballet techniques, etc.  As you know, I feel that many of our students really grow up with us. They start in our baby gym or early childhood program and we continue to see them into their pre-teen years. This newsletter is one more way we can be a part of your family and you a part of ours. The newsletter will also build a class to home connection that you can share with your child.  We hope you enjoy it!
Warm wishes,

Katie Kheel
Toddler Talk                                       A Peak Into Discovery’s Early Childhood Program Jessica Martinez, EC Teacher

Im often asked what sorts of things I do with my early childhood classes, and my answer is inevitably met with a pause and an expectant look, mildly suggesting…Is that it?

My answer sounds so simple—the most important thing we do in early childhood is play. Play sounds fun, and it most often is. Play sounds easy, but for some children, it is not. Play sounds like the time during class when teachers can kick back and take a breather, but I assure you, this is never the case.
One morning I was seated near the kitchen area, and a two-year-old girl was busy cooking and passing around food to nearby friends. She handed a croissant to one boy and grapes to another. Each child took the food and pretended to eat it. Then she handed me a slice of cheese, and I said, “No, thank you.” She held it up to me again, and I said, “No thanks, I don’t really like cheese.” She looked at me like just said something impossible and ridiculous. “But cheese is yummy!” she said, handing it up again.

I love this moment because it’s a perfect illustration of something we do when we play in school—we learn how to be, and how others work. She did not think it was possible for anyone to think differently than she did, because if she thought cheese was yummy, why wouldn’t everyone else? I know I sound awful for refusing the cheese, but soon after I did, another girl asked if she could have it. The two cooked together and then brought me a plate of spaghetti, which I took happily. 

If you are intersted in Discovery’s Early Childhood Program, please contact Katie at
Gym Goodies
Why I Love Gymnastics
Mary Cain, Team Coach
I fell in love with gymnastics at a young age and that love has continued into my adult life. I am blessed to be able to come to work and share my passion with my team. 

Gymnastics is not easy and most days I fight alongside my gymnasts to work through many failures, eventually achieving success. It is an honor to watch my gymnasts grow and develop not only physically, but also mentally.

I don’t only teach gymnastics, I teach personal accountability, hard work, determination, team work and empowerment. That is why I love coaching this sport. I recently read an article by a former collegiate gymnast and she states:
Thank you, gymnastics, for showing me the highest of highs…..Thank you for teaching me how to stand back up from the lowest of lows. Thank you for showing me what it means to be committed, focused, and invested in something you truly care about. Thank you for teaching me the value of hard work.

Gymnastics is a gift and I hope  the kids I work with will one day look back and see how gymnastics taught them much more than a flip.
Creative Corner           
Do you need a fun arts and crafts project for your little one this Valentine’s Day? Check out this adorable heart shaped stamp made out of an empty paper towel roll! Find more information in the link below. 
V-Day Art Project

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