The Spark! – February 2020

A Note From The Director
Dear Parents,
It has been a busy February here at Discovery starting a new 16-week semester. One of the questions we receive often is why we don’t allow drop-ins or why we have such a long semester. This month, one of our teachers, Sarah Roberts, talks about the benefits of a 16-week semester. I would like to add that as teachers we are able to accomplish more with students when we have 16 weeks with them. We can build the right foundations so that children can acquire the skills properly with good form and move on to the next step or skill when ready. We often call this progressive training in gymnastics, but it’s same in ballet, karate, parkour and even our Early Childhood classes. We are also able to better track the progress of students when we see them continually for many weeks. It’s a joy to see their achievements. For the little ones, just having the consistency of class routines is so beneficial. I feel the child gets more out of the class when they can bond not only with their classmates, but also with their teachers!  I hope your child is enjoying their current class and I look forward to seeing their progress this semester!

Warm Wishes,
Katie Kheel

What are the Benefits
of a 16-Week Semester?

by: Sarah Roberts
Sarah has been working at Discovery for four years as an Early Childhood, dance, and gymnastics teacher. We asked her why she thinks a 16-week semester has more benefits than occasional drop-in classes.
A 16-week semester gives students a chance to find what they are passionate about. They can get a better understanding of the activity or sport instead of a quick judgment call. I believe a sense of confidence will also form when a child has a better understanding of the craft. They will learn structure and they’ll also be able to form connections with other classmates that can turn into beautiful friendships. 
I have seen students become frustrated with a new step or movement, take it home, practice it, and try again the next class. Some students get it the next class, and for others, it takes a few more tries, but once they do I can see how proud they are. They did it! The smiles on their faces are so inspiring, not only for me, but for their fellow classmates who have watched them work hard. 
Two of my ballet students met in class this year and are now sweet friends. They both arrived at Discovery early before class so they could get ready together. While they waited, they would do their own stretches and combinations before coming into class. I enjoy seeing the students encourage each other like our staff does with classes. 
One of the ballet classes I assist Katie in has continued to impress me this year! Starting with splits, which are not fun or easy, each week the students would come in and show off how much lower they have gotten in their stretches. Now we have multiple students with their full splits! I’ve noticed their technique improve and their passion for dance grow. Watching those students perform on stage during winter and spring recitals makes me so proud. They have worked so hard to remember their dances and the passion they show through their dancing is beautiful. 

Photo Op: Winter Fun!

Winter/Spring 2020 Calendar
Discovery Announcements!
Closing Dates:
-Monday, March 9th
*Our main location is closed, but we are still holding ballet classes at Symphony Space.*
-April 7th-19th
-May 14th, 16th, 23rd-25th, 28th-29th
Save the Date for the Ballet Spring Recital!
-Sunday, May 17th at 11:00am
Nutcracker Photos
-The entire collection of Nutcracker Ballet Recital photos can be found on our Facebook page!

Student Spotlight

We highlighted some students on Instagram during Valentine’s Week and they shared why they love Discovery. Here are their responses!
Nora, age 3: “I love Discovery because I love to dance with Miss Katie and my friends. I always have fun!”
Zoe, age 10: “I have been going to Discovery since I was three years old. I have done ballet, gymnastics, cheerleading, and summer camp. I like that there are so many class options offered. I also love how kind and encouraging the coaches are. Everyone is so friendly- it feels like a family!”
Vivienne, age 7: “I love Discovery because the coaches push me to do my best in a fun way. I also love how easy it is to make friends there!”
Sammie, age 8: “I love going to parkour every Friday because I get to spend one hour with someone who really likes me, Coach Joe. When I first started last year, I didn’t know how to do it. Now I am so good at it! Parkour is like physical education and it’s important. Also jumping on the trampoline is super fun!”

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