The Spark – October Edition!

A Note From The Director
Katie Kheel, Director

Dear Parents,

We are already mid-way through October and we are just getting this newsletter out. With all of the holidays, we have been slowly adjusting to the new Fall schedule. I know that all of the days off can seem disruptive. To keep your child engaged in their ballet or gymnastics classes, you can show them some ballets from ABT or New York City Ballet, or summer Olympic videos. For our ballet students, you can also put some varied music on around the house. For example: play a classical slow song (adagio) and then a fast song (allegro) and ask your child to dance to the tempo. You can also ask them about plie, pique and saute (bend, toe tap and jump). For the gymnasts, have your child practice some cartwheels at the park, do some stretches at home like splits and bridges, and swing on the monkey bars. For our early childhood students, continue to read books about school, play with some playdoh at home (like we do at school), and maybe come visit us at playpark (open gym). 

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful time of year with the Fall foliage, apples and pumpkins. There are so many memories to be made with your children!

Warm wishes, 

Katie Kheel
Music To Our Ears
Early Childhood Music Education
Jaclyn Dima, Music Instructor
Working for Laurie Berkner and The Music In Me has been nothing short of amazing. The program has been brilliantly crafted by Laurie and her team, and you can tell just by being in the class. The kids (and the grownups!) have a blast each week as we sing, dance and play through each song.
Early Childhood music education remains the most beloved and important aspect of my career and I am so grateful to be able to bring music into the lives of these young children. This is an incredible program for instilling the basic foundations of music at the earliest stages of life. I am so honored to be teaching the class!
Sports Center 
Cristian Quesada, Gymnastics Coach

Coach Cristian is coaching our Tyke Sports and Soccer programming this semester in addition to his gymnastics classes. From scoring goals to hitting homeruns, the children both explore what it means to play on a team and learn the ins and outs of various sports. Cristian’s class will dive into soccer, baseball, golf, tennis, etc.!
“I can’t think of any better activity than playing sports! The benefits of learning and playing new sports go far beyond the gym. Real life skills such as problem solving, teamwork, and determination are examples of how sports impacts a child’s development.”

Parent Workshops! 
Fellow Discovery mom, Parent Educator and Coach, Shelly Macdonald, is offering wonderful seven week parent workshops beginning October 18th and 19th.  Click here to find out more about How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk. Shelly will also be contributing to our November newsletter! Stay tuned. 
For more information on Shelly’s workshops, click here!

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