The Spark! – August 2019

A Note From The Director
Dear Parents,
We are going into our final week of camp and beginning our preparations for Fall. We have had a wonderful summer meeting many new children and having some of our regular students as here with us as well. We are really looking forward to the Fall Semester and seeing all of our students back for classes.
August is always a time of transition and often we have to say goodbye to teachers that move on. Coach Cristian who has been with Discovery for four years has taken a Gym Director job at a gym on Long Island. Cristian had the amazing capacity to work with children of all ages. I always enjoyed the time I helped him out in the age 3/4 gym classes. He was instrumental in helping our USAIGC Team grow and progress over these last few years. He will be missed and we wish him luck in his new job. 
We are also saying goodbye to early childhood teacher, Jen Katz. Jen will also be moving on to a full time teacher position. She has worked with us three years and her creative art ideas brought a spark to the AOMO, OMO and Art classrooms. It was a pleasure working with her and I always enjoyed visiting her organized and well thought out classroom. She will also be missed. 
I hope everyone enjoys the last couple weeks of summer. We will see you in September. 
Warm Wishes,
Katie Kheel

Student Spotlight

This month we’re highlighting some of our summer campers who have been with Discovery for a long time! We asked them to share their favorite camp activities and their favorite moment from this summer.
Cora, Age 2, Turtles
Cora’s favorite thing to do at camp is eat lunch and
play with Legos!
Her favorite memory from camp this summer is jumping in the gym.
Andie, Age 3, Dolphins
Andie’s favorite activity at camp is gymnastics because she likes to run around a lot! 
One of her favorite memories from this summer is going to the park because she loves to play with her friends.
Marley, Age 5, Seahorses
Marley’s favorite part about camp is gymnastics, because he gets to see Ms. Sarah! His favorite activity to do in the gym is play soccer. 
He even remembers that his favorite moment from last summer was making glow-in-the-dark lemonade, which he thought was fun to make even though he didn’t like the taste.
Izzy, Age 8, Gymnastics Camp
Izzy’s favorite memory from the summer is when she learned her back bend! 
Her favorite thing to do at camp is play games in the gym, especially Night at the Museum and Hide and Seek.
Amelie, Age 10, Gymnastics Camp
Amelie came to Discovery Programs for preschool when she was two and in the fall, she will be joining the Copper 1 Gymnastics Team!
Her favorite thing to do at camp is gymnastics, especially floor and working on tumbling.
Her favorite moment was learning her floor routine for team and performing it during her first or second week.
Photo Op: Summer Camp

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Fall 2019 Calendar
Discovery Announcements!
Fall Classes begin September 9th: 
Now is the time to register for Fall. Spots are starting to fill up in afternoon classes.  We are offering a 45% discount off of the second class for toddlers under age four for morning classes only before 12:00pm. 
September/October Closing Dates:
-September 14, 30
-October 1, 8, 9, 12, 14, 15, 21, 22
Nutcracker Save the Date: Sunday December 8th at 11:00am and 2:00pm
Back to School Tips!

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