The Spark! May 2024: Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

A Note from the Director
Dear Parents,
I’m excited about this issue of The Spark because it highlights our teachers! See their photos below. I thought it would be fun to see them as children doing what they love. They all had teachers who inspired them in gym, dance, and other sports and now they are inspiring and teaching your children. We take this time to celebrate our teachers and all the hard work and planning they put into their classes.
This past weekend, I watched as our coaches helped the team gymnasts mentally overcome tough moments at State Championships. I have been watching our dance teachers encourage our students in their recital preparations. I love watching our early childhood teachers nurture and help the toddlers socialize and feel confident in the classroom routines. In parkour and recreational gymnastics, our coaches cultivate children’s skill development and keep the classes fun! Anyone who has seen our karate classes has heard Kyoshi Karin’s enthusiasm and joy! 
I am proud of our teaching staff and hope you will join me in celebrating them by having your child write a note this week at the Teacher Appreciation table in the lobby. 
Warm Wishes,
Katie Kheel
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
We’re excited to celebrate our teachers this week! They provide so much knowledge, support, and community building in all of our programs. 
We have a board set up this week for children and parents to write notes to their teachers. Please take some time before or after class to write a note!
Enjoy the childhood photos below of some of our staff members. Some of them started the sport they teach at a young age and others started with a different sport than what they teach now! 

Avery, Assistant Gymnastics Coach

Aubrey, Gymanstics Coach

Rachel, Contemporary & Ballet Teacher

Julia, Gymnastics Coach

Katie, Director, Dance & Gymnastics Teacher

Len, Gymnastics Coach

Sarah, Ballet Teacher

Karin, Karate Teacher

Mary, Gymnastics Director & Coach

Natasha, Early Childhood Teacher

Julia, Ballet Teacher

Faride, Hip Hop Teacher

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