The Spark! – Summer 2020

A Note From The Director
Dear Parents,
I hope you and your family are healthy, safe and well. We finished up closing out the semester and are making plans for Fall. Here are a few Discovery updates:
*All refunds were  completed between May 18 and June 12. Please check your accounts. Refunds were processed to your original payment method.
*Thank you so much to the parents that decided to forgo their refund. This helped the program tremendously.
*We hope to open in September as long as we are permitted by New York State. We are currently working on our Covid-19 procedures which will based on NYCDOH and CDC guidelines. 
*Check our our Statement in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter, linked to the right of this section. We have already expanded our Early Childhood and Dance library by 11 books. We are also working on updating our Mission Statement. 
*Follow our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages, linked at the top right, for updates and news!
*Be sure to show your child the videos our staff and teachers put together wishing your child a wonderful year. They are linked below. 
We are missing seeing our students so much! I hope you enjoy what you can of summer. It’s a different time, however, we can enjoy the smaller, slower moments with our children. I ho
Warm Wishes,
Katie Kheel
2019-2020 Recap!
We are disappointed that we didn’t get to finish the year in person, but it was still a wonderful year! Here are some of the highlights:

We welcomed new staff: Julia Horner in Dance and Early Childhood, Shasim Hoyte, Marshall Kupka-Moore, and Sarah Bermel in Gymnastics, and Melody Stolpp and Natalie Smith ( a former student) both in Early Childhood. 

Under Coaches Mary, Denise, Shasim, and Cristian, our USAIGC Team won many team and individual medals. We also had gymnasts compete in the next level up, Diamond level.

We began offering Cheer workshops and classes!

Former students in our program, Ilana Cope and Emma Katz, volunteered their time in our gymnastics and ballet programs demonstrating that the connection to Discovery doesn’t have to end when children outgrown our classes.  

We had 3 Early Childhood groups this year and were able to expand to a Friday section also in the Winter/Spring.

While we had to end the semester early due to Covid-19, we were able to transition to online programming for our Early Childhood Program, Team and Pre-Team. We offered complimentary ballet as well. 

Photo Op:

Zoom Gymnastics Gala and Classes

Our Statement in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter
Discovery Announcements!
Fall Registration
Our Fall class schedule will be updated online around mid-July. We are working on our re-opening safety guidelines which will follow all CDC and NYDOH guidelines.  Our Covid-19 Safety Guidelines will be posted on our website as soon as we have completed them. 

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