The Spark! June 2023

A Note from The Director
Dear Parents,
Every time we approach the end of the year, I am surprised that we are already at this point. It’s an exhilarating and busy time with celebratory events and parent observation days.
Tonight we will celebrate the Gymnastics Team at our Annual Team Gala!
Gymnastics students have been anxiously awaiting their level placements and look forward to sharing their skill development with their grown-ups. Some gym students may remain in the same level again and may be disappointed by that, but it could be just a short time before they acquire the next skill to move up. Other gym students are moving up and excited for what’s next.
For the dance students, they spent the semester preparing for the dance recital on Sunday and were so excited to show their artistry and hard work on the dances they learned.
Most of our karate students will be promoting to the next belt level and our Parkour students have learned new skills and mastered new obstacles.
Our babies and toddlers have started walking, climbing, hanging on the bar and balancing in the gym.
We are so excited to celebrate these student accomplishments and are happy to connect with parents during these times. It’s fun to celebrate your children!

Enjoy the end of the year! 

Best Wishes,

Katie Kheel
We asked staff to share highlights from the Spring Semester and some ways in which they have seen their students grow over the school year.
“The highlight of the spring semester has been seeing all the growth in my students. For my preschool class, it has been seeing them overcome separation and forming friendships with one another. For my dancers, I see great excitement to learn new steps and hone in on the technique we have been building on. Each class was excited for the Spring Recital and Parent Observation Days and I, too, could not wait for parents and grown ups to see their dancers on stage and in class on our final day. It is always so special.”
-Katrina, Ballet and Early Childhood Teacher

“The highlight of the spring semester has been working on our choreography for the spring recital. It has been a blast to get performance ready!
It has been wonderful to see students’ confidence flourish in the studio since the beginning of the fall semester. They are using dance as a means to express themselves and I have so enjoyed watching their creativity blossom.”
-Rachel, Ballet and Contemporary Dance Teacher

“One of the greatest highlights is when my gymnasts self-reflect to earlier in the semester or year. When my students gain new skills, or accomplish a station or skill that was difficult previously, many will make comments about how much they have learned. Hearing my gymnasts say ‘I’m really getting the hang of this’, ‘Wow, I didn’t know I could do that myself’, ‘I did it!’ …are only some of the great highlights of this spring semester. 
At the beginning of the semester, and year, many of my students didn’t know other peers in their classes. Very quickly, they formed friendships and sports partnerships with each other. Now that the semester is coming to a close, many of my students verbally coach and provide kind corrections to their peers. Many of my students also want to know the progressive steps to move further along and ‘level-up.’  My gymnasts not only formed friendships, but are learning the value of being a part of a team.”
-Julia R., Gymnastics Coach

Teachers, thank you for a great year!

Photo Op: Regionals

Photo Op: Spring Dance Recital Behind-the-Scenes

More photos to come!
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