The Spark! – December 2018

A Note From The Director
Dear Parents,
What a wonderful month! We had our Nutcracker and USAIGC Gymnastics Team house showcase meet last weekend. I love seeing our students perform and compete after so much practice and hard work. It’s beautiful to see the progress of these students year to year. One dance student, Abby, featured in the Student Spotlight, that didn’t go on stage last year really beamed on stage and knew all her steps this year. When I recapped the highlights of the show with my students, one of them really captured the essence of the feeling once a show is over. She said that she enjoyed working on the dance and performing, but she is sad that it’s over. I feel the same way. After a big event or performance, it’s not uncommon to feel a let down. I told my students that we will start working on new steps and that we have the Spring Recital to look forward to!
At the end of January, we will be saying goodbye to ballet teacher, Melanie Seastone. Melanie will be moving on after 11 years. She lives out of the city and as her children get older it’s becoming more difficult for her to come in and teach. I have many wonderful memories here with Melanie. We will miss her greatly.
Have a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!

Warm Wishes,

Katie Kheel
Farewell to Melanie Seastone, beloved dance teacher, leaving at the end of January!

What has inspired your ballet teaching?

  I grew up looking up to my dance teachers and I felt like I wanted to give back because I had such wonderful teachers growing up. I believe that dance is so important for children but it’s not just about dance either. It’s also about working hard, discipline, and working together to achieve something great.

    You have been a dance teacher for 11 years at Discovery. Do you have any favorite memories of your time here? 

  I always loved having Lisa, the Executive Director come into my classes. I also enjoyed working together with all the teachers and Eric, the accompanist. He has definitely enhanced the classes and the experience for the children. It also makes it really fun to go to work. I had fun choosing costumes and themes for the recitals with Katie. One of my favorite days was taking my daughter, Brynn to work. Brynn was making cards for all the students and they still talk about that.

  What is something you feel you learned as a teacher? 

  I was expecting to inspire the students but instead they inspired me by bringing the joy of dance back into my life. 

Photo Op: December Fun!
Discovery Announcements!
Holiday Closings
– Discovery will be closed on the following dates:
December 24th-31st
January 1st-5th, 21st
Nutcracker DVDs
-DVDs are now on sale from the Nutcracker performance. Download an order form here. 
Winter/Spring Registration
-Classes are filling up for Winter/Spring which begins Saturday, February 2nd. Register now so you don’t lose your spot! Ballet, Gymnastics and Parkour are selling out. When we return from break, we will take online registration in the order it was received. 
Parent Viewing
Parent Viewing will take place in all classes on the last day or second to last day of class. Please refer to the email sent or flier at the front desk. 

SNOW DOUGH RECIPE- A fun sensory craft to do with your children on Winter Break. Link here!

Student Spotlight

This month, we’re shining a light on three of our ballet students who performed in the Nutcracker: Charlotte, age 4 , Abby, age 5, and Beatrice, age 7.  We asked the dancers what they loved about performing in the Nutcracker! 
Charlotte- I was thinking about my mommy and daddy in the audience. I liked being on stage and also liked watching the other kids!
Abby- I thought it was really fun. I saw my mommy and daddy. My other favorite dance was the Tea dance.
Beatrice- We were one of the first to perform. I liked that we got an important dance and that it was a harder and longer dance. It was really fun. I also liked the Mice dance.

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