The Spark! October 2020

A Note from The Director
Dear Parents,
We are so happy to be able to offer your children safe physical activity again. One month has gone by since our opening and things are going smoothly. I want to thank you all for joining us in person and virtually.  As a school director and parent myself, I have a range of emotions daily with everything going on in the world, but I am grateful to this community and I am in awe of the student’s resilience.  We truly are in this all together and it will take the whole community to continue to be diligent in order for us to continue. Although we can’t see the children’s smiles behind their masks, their happiness is witnessed in their voices, bodies and excitement to learn.
 I would like to share a few updates:
*Thank you for your attention to the Health Questionnaire. It should be filled out on the day your child attends a class. It is now on our website under the Covid-19 link here. I have added a question regarding quarantine from school. If your child must quarantine due to possible exposure at school, they also must miss their class at Discovery. Please keep in mind the Travel Advisory question for any travel you have planned over the next few months for holidays. 
* At times, we may need to cancel class or put a substitute teacher in a class if a staff member exhibits any symptoms or if they have a possible exposure and are awaiting test results. We apologize for this inconvenience.  Any confirmed positive cases will be communicated. 
*The children are doing really well with their masks! I am so proud of them. Please make sure your child’s mask is 2 layers at least and is not a mask with an exhalation valve. We have children’s masks if their mask break or in uncomforable during class.  
*Please don’t forget to pack them a water bottle. We are avoiding use of the water fountain.
*We are hoping to be able to video sections of classes so parents can see their child participate. More information on this coming soon!
This month, we are highlighting our gymnastics coaches.  See below. Share this with your child and ask them which coach is theirs! We will share info on our other teachers next month! 
Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  
Warm Wishes
Katie Kheel

Meet Our Coaches!

We asked our Gymnastics Coaches the  following questions:
1. What’s your favorite Gymnastics event?
2. Did you know when you were younger that you would become a coach?
3. What’s a positive phrase that you use or can recommend as a mantra or motivator?
4. What’s your favorite fall activity?

Coach Mary

1. My favorite event to coach is Bars. 
2. I never thought I would be a coach when I was younger. Now, I can’t imagine my life without gymnastics.
3. Positive Mind = Positive Outcomes
4. During Fall, I enjoy visiting orchards, baking and spending weekends in the Poconos relaxing next to a crackling fire. 

Coach Denise

1. My favorite event is Beam. 
2. I always knew I wanted to coach. I always looked up to my coaches and admired them and wanted to be just like them. 
3. Life is like a backflip. Start on your feet than things get turned upside down but follow through and you will land on your feet. 
4. My favorite fall activity is going to pumpkin picking patches with friends and family. 

Coach Shasim

1. My favorite events are Bars and Vault. 
2. When I was younger I had no doubt I’d have coaching in my future. I just did not know it would be gymnastics. 
3. Good job, now do better. 
4. My favorite fall activity is jogging. 

Coach Aubrey

1. My favorite events are Floor and Beam. 
2. When I was in kindergarten, I told everyone I was going to be the president or a coach.
3. It’s only up from here. 
4. My favorite fall things are apple cider and movies. 

Coach Joe

1. My favorite events are Rings for Men’s and Balance Beam for Women’s. 
2. I did not know I would become a coach when I was younger. 
3. The words “I can’t” are never allowed in my class. If it’s been done, you can do it. Instead of saying “I can’t,” I tell my students to stay “I can, I just haven’t yet.”
4. My favorite fall activities are hiking and rock climbing. 

Photo Op: Start to

Fall 2020

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Fall Semester 2020 Calendar
Discovery Announcements!
Fall 2020 Holiday Closures: 
-Thursday, November 26th-27th 
-Tuesday, December 22nd-January 2nd
-Monday, January 18th

Dress up and Wacky Week- October 26-October 30: Dancers will be allowed to wear their Halloween costume or a dance costume in class this whole week. Gymnasts will be allowed to dress up wacky. Think funny silly hair, mismatched leo with shorts (no costumes in the gym for safety reasons).

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