The Spark! November 2023

A Note from the Director
Dear Parents,
I hope you all had a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends.
As we start registering and preparing for a new semester, I always review our decision to keep a long semester rather than move to monthly enrollments or shorter semesters. I recently read a guest essay in the New York Times by Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist, titled “What American Schools Do Wrong,about the practice of “looping,” where teachers stay with their students for more than one year.
Some of the concepts can be applied to recreational and sport programs and is exactly what we try to achieve here at Discovery. Adam writes “Most parents see the benefit of keeping their kids with the same coaches in sports and music for more than a year.” While some children may only be in our program for one year, many stay with us and request the same coaches and teachers year after year. I once had a group of ballet dancers that were with me for almost 4 years. I was able to develop and progress the students in an organized way, and challenge and inspire them.
Adam writes “With more time to get to know each student personally, teachers gain a deeper grasp of the kids’ strengths and challenges.” Our toddler gym curriculum progresses in a methodical way and the teachers can track and monitor how the students are receiving it. When we get to know our students personally, we can reach out to parents when we see changes in them developmentally or even emotionally. The emotional component is just as important as the physical.
I know it can be difficult for some families to commit to such a long semester when there are so many drop-in choices; however, there are many benefits to building relationships. We are grateful you are committed to us!
Warm Wishes,
Katie Kheel

Link to NYT Article
What’s Happening at Discovery?
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Team gymnasts are having small-group private lessons to learn and practice choreography for floor, beam, bar and vault routines. Their first competition is Discovery’s showcase on Sunday, December 17th! 
Check out our Instagram (linked to the right) for more photos and videos to come.
On the topic of choreography, our dance students are preparing for the Winter Dance Concert on December 10th. Each class has a theme, some are from the Nutcracker, like Tea, Marzipan, and Young Claras; others are “Winter Song” to the song by Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson, and “Frosty the Snowman!” 
We can’t wait to show you the full performances in less than two weeks!
In toddler news, we’ve reduced the pricing of our Playpark non-student rate to $25 (siblings $20/each). Share with your friends, especially since it has gotten cold! Open play is a perfect activity to add to your weekly schedule. 

We’re excited to offer a special promotion:

Attend next week for $5! 
Valid December 6th-8th only
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